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  • diesel-engine-throttle-body
    How much does it cost to replace the throttle body? The answer is your pick of the lowest price provided by our system of competing salvage yards.
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    Looking for throttle body injector parts or the body itself? Try searching our database below which gives you access to 100’s of competing salvage yards.
  • throttle-body-injector-8
    Troubleshooting throttle body injectors? Why go through the hassle?  Just replace everything for cheap? Your time is too valuable to waste.
  • throttle-body-injector-unit
    Looking for a throttle body injection unit or kit? We can help. Try our wide array of salvage yards in our database below. They carry used OEM parts.
  • 454-tbi-throttle-body
    We have Chevy throttle body injectors for a wide range of Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs. Find it in our database below.
  • throttle-body-injector-6
    Having throttle body problems and looking for someone to service it? Why not just service it by replacing the whole assembly? Get one below.
  • holley-tbi
    Looking for a fuel injector wiring harness? We can help. Our salvage yards have a fuel injector wiring harness harvested from cars that have met their end.
  • throttle-body-injector-7
    Looking for a TBI throttle body for sale? We might just have a TBI throttle body for sale. Try a search for a TBI throttle body below right now.
  • tbi-injectors
    Having throttle body problems with your Chevy 350? We can help you with your Chevy 350? Search for salvage throttle body for your Chevy 350 below.
  • throttle-body-injector-5
    Did you just search, “Used Auto Parts Near Me?” We can help. Our salvage yard database is comprised of dealers all over the U.S. Find the part near you below.
  • throttle-body-injector-4
    Need a replacement throttle body sensor? We can help. Try a search below and let’s see if any of our partners have a throttle body sensor for your car.
  • throttle-body-injector-replacement
    What happens when your throttle body goes bad? You replace it. And where do you get that replacement part when it goes bad? From us. Find it below.
  • throttle-body-fuel-injector-wiring-harness
    Clogged throttle body problems? It might not be clogged. You might need to replace it. And if you do, we’re here for you! Find a throttle body for your car below.
  • throttle-body-injector-3
    The throttle body is a critical piece of the air intake system. It controls the air flow. If you’re having problems with yours, find a replacement from us below.
  • throttle-body-injection_
    Didn’t clean your throttle body, and now it’s a dead body? Get a replacement from our salvage partners below. And don’t forget to clean yours in the future.
  • throttle-body-injector-2
    Looking for a throttle body gasket? Great, we can help you with your throttle body gasket needs. Search our database below for gaskets and get your part.
  • throttle-body-injector-1
    Looking for a performance throttle body? A lot of them get junked on the weekends. Try your search on a Monday and it’s a good bet there will be one for you!

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