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Member Terms of Service

U Need A Part is open to upstanding salvage yards in the U.S. and Canada. We currently offer each new sign up a 30 day FREE trial. The cost per month for the service after the trial period is $150.00 for salvage yards, $100.00 for specialized salvage yards, $75.00 for one state only salvage yards, $50.00 for motorcycle salvage yards.

  • Absolutely no auto responding is allowed. All email responses should be answered in an individual manner to the part(s) contained in the request.
  • Please use a professional manner when dealing with all parts requests.
  • U Need A Part will not allow you to forward or sell parts requests leads.
  • Harvest of email requester addresses is prohibited.
  • Members are to answer requests for parts they know they have or can get.
  • All members must provide a price and contact information when responding to requests.
  • No member may portray their business as U Need A Part either through display names, email addresses, subject lines, contact information, and/or signatures. When responding to requests, it must be clear to the consumer that they are engaging with your company and not Uneedapart.

Violation to any of the above will result in immediate termination of membership and banishment from Uneedapart.

To cancel your service, U Need A Part must receive a written letter or email from your company. Once received, your service will be cancelled and a prorated bill will be sent out to you if you still have a balance. If you have paid in advance, you can choose to ride out the time you have left or hold a credit on the account future reinstatement. We DO NOT refund any remaining balances after you cancel! A confirmation email will be sent confirming your cancellation.

Payment is due on the 1st of the month. You are given a 15 day grace period after which services will be disconnected. A $25 fee is required to reactivate services.

U Need A Part has various monitoring features to check for TOS violations.
If any of these terms are violated, U Need A Part has the right to suspend services for any given period of time or indefinitely. U Need A Part also reserves the right to suspend services for any given period of time or indefinitely due to complaints and/or lack of response either to the consumer or Uneedapart.


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